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Best Code is a company that provides software testing and approval services for software development companies and software buying companies. Through its knowledge, tools and expertise it helps companies to obtain a high quality index in the software development and implementation process.

It was founded by professionals specialized in Software Testing Analysis from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and with Brazilian Software Testing Certification (CBTS) from the Latin American Software Testing Association (ALATS), who worked in large companies in the software segment such as Universo On-line (UOL) and in the Technology Development Program of Motorola Brazil (Motorola Brazil Test Center).

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Products and services

FUNCTIONALITY TEST – Simulates all business scenarios and ensures that all functional requirements are implemented.

USABILITY TEST – Evaluates the user interaction. This test focuses on the ease of navigation between application screens, the clarity of text and messages that are displayed to the user, the user support device, and the ease of navigation to perform a given function.

RELIABILITY TEST – Ensures the reliability of the system, the integrity of the data, and the reliability of the data structure and the application.

PERFORMANCE TEST – Determines whether the application’s performance in concurrent situations and is consistent with the defined requirements.

SUPPORTABILITY TESTING – Ensures that the application works under various software and hardware configurations.

ACCEPTANCE TEST – Ensures that the software performs exactly the functions that were requested in the business requirements.