Nexus is an environment dedicated to the connection among startups, small, medium-sized and large companies, investors and educational institutions, with acceleration and incubation programs following startups from ideation to escalation, as well as programs that encourage open innovation and connection with the ecosystem.

Learn more about the programs created for each stage of maturity of your business.

Nexus Lab

First step for entrepreneurs who are looking to implement their ideas

Nexus Growth

Incubation for startups that develop new technologies and acceleration for those with innovative business models

Nexus Scale Up

For startups in traction and scaling stages

Nexus RD&I

For companies seeking to invest in research, development and innovation

Nexus Corp

Connection between startups and large companies through open innovatio

Nexus Base

Connects service providers to the companies in TechPark

Be a unicorn Mountain Goat

At Nexus, we don’t raise unicorns. We have nothing against these mythological beings, but the challenges faced in building up a business are many, come from everywhere and require entrepreneurs to be resilient.

That’s why here we raise “mountain goat” companies, in reference to the sturdy animal that adapts to different scenarios and is known for climbing almost completely vertical mountains to survive.

Do you also have a mountain to climb? Come with us.

63% of the startups that participated in Nexus Growth were successful in developing a product or service and putting it on the market


Our activities concentrate on three main areas focusing on your company’s growth:


Business: we are motivated by the need of generating new business

Mentoring: expert professionals offer strategic guidance and share lessons learned


Workshops, training and events: weekly activities to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship

Supervision Program: supervision methods for companies in all stages


Networking: highly qualified relationship network including startups, investors, companies and universities


Nexus supports the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups), which gives our startups and companies access to over 40 free benefits. There are other packages with extra benefits, which can be acquired more affordably by startups and companies connected to Nexus.


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