The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster was formed in 2006 to consolidate Brazil’s aerospace and defense production chain. By gathering all companies of the segment into one extensive network of collaboration and synergy, the Cluster encourages competitiveness in the local and global market and strengthens businesses of all sizes.

The Technology Park manages the Cluster and uses all its connection expertise to promote innovation and entrepreneurship to the member companies as well.

The Cluster is a pioneer in Brazil, and acknowledgedly the most important of its kind in Latin America. It gathers over 100 companies totaling over 15,000 jobs. Embraer, the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, is its anchor-company.

The companies in the Cluster operate in engineering, avionics, tooling, logistics, industry and manufacture, defense, security, and space.

To achieve its purpose, the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster engages in various activities dedicated to training and qualification, internationalization, fund raising and support to technological innovation. It also promotes business rounds, as well as national and international trade missions, conducted on its own initiative or through agreements with public and private institutions. Consulting services, as well as access to market intelligence studies, are also made available to the Cluster’s member companies.

Companies can join the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster at any time.

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  • Generate competitiveness, innovation, and growth
  • Diversity of players involved
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Market intelligence
  • Access to RD&I projects
  • Access to domestic and international markets
  • Activities for attraction of direct investment
  • Visibility
  • Access to public and private financial institutions
  • Support to exporting and internationalization
  • Training
  • Support to certification
  • Business consulting
  • Work infrastructure (meeting rooms, auditoriums, server use)
  • Connections and networking: bimonthly meetings; trade shows; missions; business rounds, visits for relationship building
  • Intracluster and intercluster cooperation

The companies develop a series of products and services


Commercial, executive and military aviation; production of small and medium-sized jets, helicopters, aircraft, assembly and structural parts, parts for engines, components and pieces, radio equipment, navigation systems and on-board equipment, air traffic control systems.


Small satellites and structures, solar panels, payloads, sounding rockets and launch vehicles, systems and parts, propelling systems and ground segments and services involving satellite images, as well as consulting and other specialized services.


Aircraft specifically designed for different types of missions, unmanned aerial vehicles, integrated systems, equipment, component, and parts, intelligent weapons.


Maintenance, repairs and overhaul in different aircraft, engines, components and on-board equipment systems sizes. Defense engineering and design services.