Estrada Doutor Altino Bondesan, 500
Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos - Distrito de Eugênio de Melo
São José dos Campos - SP
ZIP Code 12247-016

+55 (12) 3913-5900
[email protected]

ALTAVE is an aerospace industry that develops lighter-than-air vehicles, focusing on the creation of innovative products and services involving multiple applications. We provide connectivity and video monitoring to various sectors, such as Telecommunications, Defense & Safety, Agribusiness, Environmental Monitoring, Mining, and Construction. ALTAVE currently has no similar competitor in Brazil in the manufacture of tethered aerostats for monitoring and radio communications, holding a certificate of exclusivity awarded by ABIMDE (Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association), both for sale of the systems and provision of services.

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Products and services

– ALTAVE VANGUARDA:Created from the know-how gained in the development of military products, this solution makes high-resolution images with stability from a privileged height, being indicated for tactical purposes. Major applications: monitoring of large events, riots, etc.; police operations support; forestry and deforestation; TV broadcasting.
– ALTAVE HORIZONTE:Aimed to the Defense & Public Security market, this solution was conceived for use in persistent monitoring (day and night) of large areas such as boders, critical facilites and complex situations.
– ALTAVE OMNI:Employs technology developed to meet the needs of protecting large and critical facilities: from stadiums to bases in war scenarios. Capable of covering large areas in 360 degrees with simultaneous images in high definition.
– LIGHTING BALLOONS:The lighting balloons offer homogeneous light that is 360 ° diffused, without glare and without shadow. Powerful, they can light up to 22,500 m² in 2 minutes.


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