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Vila Olímpia
São Paulo - SP
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We shorten the distance between the field and corporations

14 years ago we realized how much the distance between the field and corporations can impact business. A question intrigued us: how could companies in urban centers and that are related to agriculture, be able to make strategic decisions without having a real vision of what happens on rural properties?


Finally, the solution

We have developed 100% proprietary and Brazilian technology to connect your business to the territories. With Agrotools you have at hand: – Huge database through a deep knowledge of agro – Diverse information about rural areas in a few clicks – Agile decision making on logistics, purchase of inputs, sales, legislative and environmental compliance and much more more – Alerts on business risks and opportunities.


Experienced positioning

Within organizations, the scarcity of data on territories was immense. Therefore, we participate in the processes and routine of corporations of all sizes, national and international, to seek solutions. We generate greater knowledge about the sector and support companies in decision-making, whether by warning about risks or pointing out business opportunities.

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