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Advanced Technologies is a genuinely national company that is entering the Brazilian market with innovative solutions, seeking to serve those customers who need a complete monitoring and surveillance system in order to optimize their activities, saving time, human and material resources. Our products are based on high-performance drones, innovative, targeted and planned for a high cost-benefit ratio. Our mission is to make state-of-the-art equipment available to the market, with a high degree of quality, combining technology with a simplified operation.

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Products and services

HARPIA: UAV with catapult takeoff and parachute and airbag landing. Gasoline propulsion with approximately 10h of autonomy, cruising speed of 100km/h and communication range of approximately 200km.
Falcão: Four-propeller drone designed for operational work at distances of up to 5 kilometers from the starting point, in cases where maximum mobility is required.
Gavião: Multifunctional four-propeller drone, with assembly time for operation of just a few minutes. Payload of 3kg, radius of action of 10km, maximum flight altitude 3000 m and maximum speed of 40km/h.


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