Área Especial de Indústria - Projeção A - 480
Gama Leste
Brasília - DF
ZIP Code 72444-240

+55 (61) 9 9248-5427
[email protected]

Founded in 2014, we are a junior enterprise formed by students from the University of Brasilia, from the Aerospace Engineering course. Thus, Zenit is a non-profit organization governed by law 13.267 / 2016. Committed to the diffusion of technology and knowledge related to the immensity of the planet’s troposphere, we are a company focused on market innovation through the provision of excellent services and outstanding importance in the aerospace industry. In addition, we seek the professional growth of our members, with a view to training aimed at entering the job market. Thus, students are responsible for the operation of the company and have autonomy in their management, having at their disposal a council formed by the faculty of UnB.

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Products and services

Air / UAV – Pilot course and drones
Business Consulting
Project design (2D and 3D modeling)
Technical Engineering Projects
Zenit Aerospace Space School (educational project)


Conexão com o PIT