Rua Miracema, 370
Chácaras Reunidas
São José dos Campos - SP
ZIP Code: 12238-360

+55 (12) 2139-9700
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The Winnstal was founded in 1998, today a highly qualified company with modern equipment and experienced trained individuals who are able to develop highly complex manufacturing solutions, and forms part sizes. Our difference is the rapid service with quality and competitive prices. Our facilities in São José dos Campos / SP, has an area of 3,500m², in large modern industrial plant and a necessary condition to offer high standard of quality, safety and reliability of its services. The company offers services, complete and integrated solutions, from manufacturing of primary parts to the final assembly of large sets, always striving for continuous improvement and excellence in manufacturing and assembly, ensuring the best customer service and other industries in the aeronautics segments,

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Products and services

Machining: Router
Machining: CNC
Machining: Jato D´Água
Structural Assembly: assemblies and subassemblies
Structural Assembly: Large structural assemblies
Structural Assembly: Assembly and Sealing Process
Three-dimensional measurement
Conformation of Materials
Manufacturing Engineering: manufacturing method
Quality inspection
Raw Material Cutting
Special Processes: Surface Treatments with Alodine 1200
Special Processes: Primer painting and Polyurethane
Painting on Parts and Subassemblies
Sat-Spray Laboratory Test


NBR ISO 15100: 2004 – Equivalent to International Standard SAE AS 9100 Revision D
NBR ISO 9001 : 2015
CELOG – Aeronautics Logistics Center
NADCAP – Chemical Processing


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