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Soft Grippers is a pioneering company in the field of “Soft Robotics” in Brazil, specializing in the development of technologies aimed at providing safer and more efficient interaction between humans and machines. With the ability and sensitivity to adjust to objects of different densities, shapes and textures, our “soft grippers” are ideal for complex and dynamic environments, becoming powerful allies in a variety of sectors.
With a highly qualified team committed to excellence, our commitment is to continue innovating and improving our solutions, taking soft robotics to even more extraordinary heights in order to offer our customers the most advanced and customized solutions on the market.

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Products and services

Tulipa – Soft Grippers are compliant robotic grippers made of hyperelastic material. Inside, air chambers can be pneumatically pressurized, reducing the internal diameter of the gripper, making it possible to handle parts with a minimum diameter of 2 mm. The tulip has an external cup made of rigid material that protects the gripper and is suitable for handling regular and irregularly shaped pieces, such as bottles, jars, fruit and other products.

Fingers – Fingers Soft Grippers are flexible robotic grippers made of hyperelastic material, with parts, the fingers, that close when pressurized, allowing them to manipulate regular and irregularly shaped parts, such as bread, sausages, jars and other products.

FlexGripper – The FlexGrippers Soft Grippers are flexible robotic grippers made of hyperelastic material with pressurized air chambers, allowing the handling of parts up to Ø10mm and not having a rigid outer body. They are suitable for handling objects such as bottles, jars, fruit and other products with regular and irregular shapes. FlexGrippers are patented by Soft Grippers