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Jardim California
Jacareí - SP
CEP 12305-490

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Founded in 2000, RoadRunner Engenharia is a consulting engineering company specialized in testing and evaluating road, airport and urban sidewalks. The company works in the areas of monitoring, auditing and technological control, as well as evaluation and projects of recovery and conservation of roads, highways and airports.

Since its foundation, RoadRunner has stood out in serving its customers with quality and agility in sidewalk testing and diagnostics. The company works in all regions of Brazil, in evaluations of highways, airports, urban roads, ports, yards and industrial floors.

RoadRunner employs the most advanced technologies for the evaluation and dimensioning of the road infrastructure in the preparation of engineering studies and projects, relying on a qualified technical team, state-of-the-art equipment and specific software developed to meet the needs of its customers.

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