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Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos
Distrito de Eugênio de Melo São José dos Campos, SP
ZIP CODE: 12247-016

+55 (21) 98267-0003
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NM2 Tecnologia Ambiental is a private based company that brings together decades of professional experience from several Brazilian and foreign researchers and universities. Our ongoing research and technology partnerships keeps links with national and international bodies and entities linked to environmental issues, including: State University of Rio de Janeiro UERJ/GESAR, Polytechnic University of São Paulo – USP, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, UN – “Millennium Goals”, Amazon Fund, Vatican-University of Sciences, Finnish Fund “FINNPARTNERSHIP”, Swedish company Höganas (special filters), CWR – Center for Water Research (Australia), UNA – Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), TU Delft – Delft Technological University (Netherlands), LTCM/EPFL – Laboratoire de Transfert de Chaleur et de Masse (Switzerland), ULB – Free University of Brussels (Belgium), Universitè; du Havre (France), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom, Scotland), UniversityofGlasglow (United Kingdom, Scotland) and UniversityofStrathclyde (United Kingdom, Scotland). The company’s flagship is the Compact and Modular Station so called BR Ecosystem for the treatment of wastewater in a distributed manner on a SKID platform. ECM obtained important seals and recognitions, such as:

 Technology attested by SABESP with a reduction in BOD greater than 95%;

 Technology approval by BRK Ambiental Concessionaire, AEGEA, among others;

 Implementation License from the Federal District Institute for the Environment and Water Resources – IBRAM for the entire DF (Brasilia´s federal district).

 Medalha São Paulo Award (Defense and Promotion of Life and Human Dignity) – November/2020.

NM2’s methodological guideline is to develop studies, research, solutions and innovative technological services that meet the environmental and sanitary needs of contemporary society, promoting economic development, social inclusion and environmental preservation. In line with the principles of international conventions, treaties and protocols and in line with the requirements of the Brazilian environmental and sanitary legal statute, NM2 seeks efficient environmental technological solutions in the treatment and processing of effluents and organic solid waste with the best cost/benefit and the highest technological efficiency.

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