Rua Heitor de Andrade, 2090
Jardim das Indústrias
CEP: 12241-000
São José dos Campos - SP

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LoriConecta develops assistive technologies aimed at communication, education and health, such as LoriComunica, which promotes inclusion and improves the quality of life of people with different ages and diagnoses (autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, etc), providing autonomy and helping in the development and rehabilitation of speech. Besides LoriConecta, a web tool for professionals to manage and follow the development of patients and students.

Conexão com o PIT :

Products and services

LoriComunica – Digital board for alternative communication

LoriConecta – User management web platform

Courses and training


1st place at the 10th edition of Campus Mobile in the health category

Startup accelerated and graduated by the InovAtiva Brasil program

Startup participant of IGM Acelera

Startup sponsored by General Motors Institute

Startup incubated at Nexus in the Growth Digital program

Startup being accelerated at Healthtech Barretos