Rodovia José Carlos Daux, 600 - 3º Andar
Parque Tecnológico ALFA - João Paulo
Florianópolis - SC
CEP 88030-902

(47) 99929-1818
[email protected]

Headquartered in Florianópolis, in the Business Center for Advanced Technology Laboratory, Brazil’s first incubator located in the Parque Tecnológico Alfa, Global Drones is a startup specialized in aerial inspections using remotely piloted aircraft (drones). Acting with rural solutions, development of systems using analysis algorithms based on artificial intelligence, manufacturing of remotely piloted aircraft and pilot training.

Conexão com o PIT :

Products and services

Global Drones performs several services that require the use of drones, such as:

1 – Inspection of transmission lines

Visual and thermographic inspection of structures and components
Visual and thermographic inspection of substations
Mapping of soil use and environmental monitoring of right-of-way
Network inventory elaboration
2 – Inspection of Photovoltaic Panels

Visual and thermographic inspection of photovoltaic solar energy plants
Performance evaluation of plants
Elaboration of energy efficiency projects in BIM
3 – Inspections for Civil Construction

Aerial inspection of facades
Construction monitoring and supervision
Mapping of areas
Volumetric measurements and contour lines
Digital terrain and surface models
Precautionary inspection of neighborhoods
4 – Precision Agriculture

Relief analysis
Temperature and humidity correlation analysis
Monitoring erosion areas
Measuring distance between plantings
Biomass and plant height estimation analysis
5 – Inspection of dam towers

Visual inspection of shoulders
Visual inspection of crowning, upstream and downstream slopes
Monitoring of macrophytes
Identification of invasions
Identification of sewage outlets
6 – Inspection of telecommunication towers

Inspection of structure integrity
Thermographic inspection of power sources
Visual inspection of base of the ERB
Reduction of worker time in risk areas
7 – Environment and Sanitation

Mapping of Permanent Preservation Areas
Elaboration of socio-environmental technical
PMMA preparation
Environmental licensing
Recovery of degraded areas
8 – Technical Municipal Cadastre

Location and identification of the properties in the municipality
Occupation and purpose of each property
Soil slope analysis
Planning of the different activities of public administration.