Rua Coronel José Domingues de Vasconcelos, 64 - Sala 901
Vila Adyana
São José dos Campos - SP
ZIP Code 12243-840

+55 (12) 3923-4556
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Almost twenty years in the market and guided by values such as ethics, sustainability and responsibility, Femto Ciências Aplicadas aims to transform the way its customers operate, mobilize resources and design products, helping them achieve product excellence, process efficiency, and saving resources as well as eliminating waste and operational non-conformities.

Through mathematical modeling and computer simulation, a team of highly specialized consultants in the fields of aeronautical engineering and fluid physics provides technological solutions and innovations according to the needs of organizations in the most varied productive sectors.

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Products and services

Technological and industrial advisory for organizations from the most varied productive sectors, promoting consultancies, feedback, expertise, technical reports and scientific texts.


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