Av. Visconde de Porto Alegre, 1680 – Sala 01,
Praça 14 de Janeiro
Manaus – AM
CEP: 69020-130

(92) 99326-3707 / (92) 3308-9442
[email protected]

We are Everest, a private research, science and technology institute. We breathe technological innovation and digital transformation linked to pillars based on corporate governance, compliance and social responsibility.

Evereste works in the development and implementation of innovative projects, products, services and technological solutions, promoting the generation of opportunities and new businesses and partnerships with private and government sectors.

Founded in 2016, its main objective is to contribute to the advancement of the information technology and communication sectors. It is an accredited institution with CAPDA (Committee for Research and Development Activities in the Amazon), according to Decree No. 10,521, of October 15, 2020, to receive resources from the Informatics Law, priority programs and the Law of Good.

With headquarters strategically located in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, in the heart of the Amazon forest and one of the most important business and industrial areas in Brazil, Evereste is an important technological development center in the North of the country and a significant business Hub.

A partner of PQTEC since February 2021 and a member of APL TIC Vale since January 2023, with units in the Paraíba do Sul Valley in São Paulo and Serra de Carajás in Pará, Evereste offers a differentiated structure capable of connecting more and more people, partners and other research, innovation and entrepreneurship centers throughout the country.

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