Av. Doutor Cesare Monsueto Giulio Lattes, 501, Grupo Akaer (A11-ST02)
São José dos Campos - São Paulo
ZIP Code 12247-014

+55 (12) 3949-9390
[email protected]

Equatorial Sistemas is the leading Brazilian company in space technology, having successfully flown high-reliability electronic & opto-electronic equipment in 4 sattelites (CBERS 1, 2, 2-B & NASA-AQUA). Our services and products portfolio ranges from conception, design and analysis of electronic and opto-electronic equipment and subsystems up to fabrication, assembly & integration in clean-room environment, and functional & environmental tests, of both on-board and ground support equipment. Such comprehensive expertise are extended to the aeronautical, defence, automotive and industrial fields, complemented with structural, vibration and thermal analyses and design optimization for energy efficiency, thermo-elastic stability, comfort level, etc.

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Products and services

High-reliability electronic on-board equipment & systems;
Design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, integration and tests;
Structural e vibration and thermal analyses.


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