Rua Roberto Bentlin, 114
Novo Tempo
Artur Nogueira - SP
CEP: 13160-480

(19) 997273391
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E/S develops a disruptive solution with the purpose of mitigating and transforming waste into raw material. In this way, the company, through its multidisciplinary technical staff, has solutions that go beyond conventional technological barriers, besides the solutions in what we call ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE, offers the market solutions in software and hardware for mapping, controlling, and monitoring volumes that are used to manage the collection of waste/bins/garbage/raw material/liquids/water, promoting a new concept in collection/logistics for companies and municipalities.

Conexão com o PIT :

Products and services

System for volume monitoring (buckets, garbage cans, well)

System for object monitoring (sweeping, carts, buckets)

People monitoring system (gps, location, human management)


Itaipu Technological Park – ITP

RBCIH Member

Brazilian Charter for Smart Cities

ODUS – Sustainable Urban Development Goals