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Vila Nova Conceição
São José dos Campos / SP
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+55 (12) 2139-3966
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COMPSIS (1989) is a specialized company in developing, producing, and deploying systems and software for critical operations, acting in the highway and city intelligence technology sector, tax management for the government, and aerospace. The company was responsible for implementing the first toll system for privatized highways in Brazil, with technology implemented in several countries like Argentina, Australia, India, Dominican Republic, Nigeria.

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Products and services

SICAT – Integrated Toll Collection System
M-Toll -Mobile Toll Collection management system
EagleScan – Vehicle Profile Scanner
Semi-Automatic toll collection
CSS – Smart Road
Highway Evasion Control
Operation Center Management and Control
Machine Learning Correction
Vehicle license plate tracking system
FISCO – Real-time Tax invoice control and management system
SAFE – Electronic document security system
IA/ML-based tax auditing system
Image-based tax auditing system
Product Identification for tax auditing system
CARE Central – ServiceDesk Operator
Electronic Invoice Issuer Device
Satellite Attitude Control and Data Handling system and software
Control and Test Bench for Satellite launcher vehicles and satellites
3D Virtual Reality DRONE control system
Aircraft and Vehicle automatic wiring testing system


ISO 9001:2015


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