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Arquivar is a software, services and methodologies company focused on Strategic Document Management. A national reference in technology customization, Arquivar applies the solution that best fits your company’s objectives, always seeking to speed up the process of searching

and retrieving documents and information, generating increased productivity in the administrative and operational routines of organizations.

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Products and services

Arquivar, as a specialist in the area of Document and Process Management, has developed the GEDIC methodology – Strategic Management of Documents and Corporate Information – and provides consulting services for the creation of the customized solution that best suits the clients’ reality, optimizing Human, Material, and Financial Resources.

Arquivar makes the following software available for Document and Process Management


– ArqGED – platform for the management of physical and digital documents;

– ArqFLOW – module for management and virtualization of processes, customizable to meet the peculiarities of each company;

– ArqAUDIT – document auditing module;

– ArqOCR – text recognition module;

– ArqSCAN – document indexing and image capture module;

– ArqNFe – automatic capture module of NF-e of products (xml and pdf);

– ArqDOC – Cedoc management module at the client’s headquarters;

– ArqSIGN – digital and electronic signature platform, with document management and storage, control of signature processes, versioning control, among other functionalities.


Services that comprise the solutions, along with the software:

– Consulting;

– Document Organization;

– Digitalization;

– Microfilming;

– Managed Guarding of Physical Documents.



– Gold Application Development

– Silver Application Development

– Silver Cloud Platform



– Cloud Platform