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São Paulo - SP
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Born in 2018, to solve a challenge from within the gate of a rural producer in western Bahia, who had the dream of remotely monitoring his machines in real time throughout his farm, even without having internet in the productive areas.

From this need, together with a team that likes challenges and with expertise in connectivity, telemetry and remote control of “connected things” (IoT), Agrothings developed and implemented the 1st IoT solution in agribusiness without the need for internet in the fields.

Focusing on grain and fiber crops, the team is dedicated to delivering and improving its solution continuously, always acting as the ideal partner of the Producer through the agriculture 4.0 philosophy. Using Agrothings technology to integrate the most diverse sensors, meeting the complete needs of the field and the rural producer: transmission network or connectivity, collection and use of data from machines, irrigation systems, climate and soil monitoring, etc. others.

AgroThings allows the producer to Monitor, Manage and correct errors in real time, avoiding operational losses and obtaining savings for better results.

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